Wine label collections or Wine ranges are an important aspect of wine label design. Wine Collections are important because a brand and winery will often have numerous varieties and many customers remain loyal to brands. A collection aids with brand and product recognition, which will help to establish and build trust. If a customer has enjoyed a winery and winemakers Shiraz, it’s likely they will be more inclined to try their Merlot on another occasion. There are a plethora of strategies adopted to establish a strong Wine Label Collection. One strategy, such as that used by Penfold’s is to maintain a similar label throughout their ranges and over multiple decades. Another strategies will be to maintain composition but have colours or artworks change between varieties. Another tactic will be for each label to be quite unique but to maintain a consistent story across the range. For more obscure varieties, as in the case of Lalaland, unique labels best suited to that variety is more important than outright consistency, while each label is a continuation of the same story. Essentially, the most appropriate solution will depend on what is hoped to be achieved. For major brands, such as Penfold’s or d’Arenberg, having something iconic, that conveys consistency will be most important. For boutique brands perhaps their priority will be to convey creativity, experimentation, craftsmanship, so unique labels could be more appropriate. Below are some of our wine label collections. We hope you enjoy.