In a world of choice, especially in regard to wine, making a purchasing decision can at times be overwhelming. Wine in particular, with its long and prestigious history, the fact that it is often shared and the multiple factors such as varieties, regions, brands, winemakers etc etc, can leave many doubting their knowledge and experience which often leads to a more conservative approach. Of all modern products, few have a history that stretches as far back as winemaking, stretching back Millenia. There’s no surprise then that whilst making a decision that many take comfort in a Vintage Wine Label that imbues heritage, authenticity, craftsmanship and traditional and natural winemaking. Vintage Wine labels are often dominated by illustrated Chateaus, Vineyards Stately illustrations, Heraldry and logocentric compositions, often with dates, a winemakers signature and decorative filigree. In recent times, Retro & Vintage are in vogue, whilst often incorporating a number of more modern design elements. It is often an exciting mix of old and new resulting in beautiful results.