Rosé Wine Labels can be both a challenge and some of the most rewarding wine label projects. The reason Rosé Wine Labels can be challenging is due to their vibrant pale salmon through to dark red colouring, which eliminates many of the potential colour schemes that will be complimentary for a wine label. Using neutral colours such as white or black backgrounds are by far the most common solution. Other options can include using opposite colours in the Impressionist/Mattise tradition such as acqua’s and greens. Personally, I find the red background to be a great asset, vibrant and inviting, often alluding to summer and refreshment. Another solution that has had great success is to do away with labels all-together and showcase the wine fully with a screen-printed bottle or transparent label. Gold or Rose Gold foils have also been used to great success with Rose wines. Many of our favourite wine labels have been Rosés. Below is a showcase of some of our favourite Rosé Wine Label Designs: