Gone are the days of plonking a chateau on a label and calling it done, the wine market continues to become more and more competitive and the industry continues to evolve with innovations and new trends. As the market continues to mature, wine-drinkers will continue to become increasingly adventurous. Whilst Classic Wine Labels will always have a strong position in the market, Modern Wine Labels are increasingly having their impact. With 70% of wine purchases made in store and confronted with thousands of choices, it can be valuable to have an element of standout or an artwork that conjures an emotional connection. New world wine nations, who for decades attempted to walk in the footsteps of their Old World parent, mimicking their labels and conveying the pretence of provenance have realised that they should celebrate the freedom that comes from having no historical burdens and for their labels to honour their unique strengths and story. Interestingly, today we see many of the Old World wineries taking lessons from their Marketing Savy New World competitors and are themselves injecting a new vibrancy to create layered Modern Wine Labels.