What sets Beetle Creative apart from other Specialist Wine Label designers is that we create all of our illustrations and artworks in-house ensuring highly original, bespoke, Creative Wine Labels. Our outcomes achieve a coherency across all marketing collateral that is not possible with outsourcing, where costs would become prohibitive. Artistically, our style is extremely versatile, adapting to the requirements of each brief and project. The Woolshed collection for example was created through an original oil painting, the L’enologa collection painted in watercolour, while the L’enologa wrap is a detailed fineline illustration. Contrasting these styles are the Modern and Vibrant Brown Brothers Wine Labels utilising original Comic Book illustrations and the Tempranillo utilises a New School style to capture the energy of Barcelona. The Flor Marche – Red Wine Label is a more classical illustration, that imbues a timelessness. Many of our wine label artworks adopt mixed media, so the combination of different artistic mediums, combining with graphics to create truly Unique and Creative Wine Labels.