L’enologa is Italian for Female Winemaker. I had visited Liz in Mildura, where she was pushing the boundaries, creating unique small-batch Italian variety wines in a climate not dissimilar to Southern Italy. Liz had studied and worked in Italy, learning some of the Age honoured winemaking techniques and wanted to bring this attention to detail and quality to a region better known for bulk wines. At the time of working on this project I was living in Florence, so the Italian inspiration was part of my daily life. Something I jumped on early was the notion of two world’s colliding with Italian varieties, grown in Australia and Old world winemaking techniques, meeting New world winemakers. Despite these different worlds, one thing remained, the desire to create something unique, something delicious, and something enjoyable to be shared, timeless attributes that speak all languages. But successful winemaking isn’t a foregone conclusion; it is a journey of exploration, of experimentation and discovery. With the brand name being about the Winemaker, I knew this had to be a focus and wanted to convey this journey of discovery, where flavour is king. I begun developing numerous different concepts but continued to return to this notion of the winemaker being lost in her own world of flavour and discovery. Liz was immediately sold on the concept and gave me direction as to which flavours and tasting notes were most prominent in each wine. From here, I painted all of the flavours: Pomegranate, Pear and Plum with watercolours and then through mixed media created these mini-worlds. Each label depicts a separate winemaking process from caring for the vines, picking the grapes, to finally stomping the grapes. The bottles were finished with a wine bottle wrap, with the intentions of being a strong contrast to the colourful labels, establishing numerous layers and an element of surprise. The Bottle wrap focuses its attention more heavily on the two worlds colliding with a continuous Italian street scene at the bottom and a Mildura street scene upside down at the bottle’s neck, with L’enologa at the centre, where a new world is born.

Melbourne Artist_Josh O'Meara
Creative Wine Bottle Labels
Creative Wine Bottle Labels
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