Flor Marche is a unique brand as each label is dedicated to a different family member making each label highly unique. The Longley label for example was dedicated to a late great uncle who was an early curator of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens. I was able to find a letter he had written about an injured swan, which he aided shedding some light on the man and helping to build the many layers to his personality. The label showcases his favourite flower, the Botanical Gardens plan, the letter he wrote about the swan, a silhouette of him on a boat on the lake and his signature. Other labels such as Ronaldum, were dedicated to Liz’s father who came from a region of Gold mining, which was important in the families history. The Malabre label was dedicated to a family member who loved gardening and contemporary art. With each label dedicated to a different family member, the wines are given an added importance and each with its unique story. Whilst the labels are each unique, certain elements remain consistent, such as the logo sizing and fonts to identify them as one coherent collection. From a start-up boutique winery the collection has grown from 3 varieties to over 9 with the Red Wine Label winning silver at the FLMI international label awards.


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