We first worked with Duck Pond Cellars on a Concept brand called Flight. The screen-printed design depicting humanities fascination with flight throughout history and remains one of my favourite designs but unfortunately ‘Flight Wines’ was already protected by copyright so could not continue. Whilst disappointing that that project didn’t amount to more, it was integral in building a strong relationship, winning over the teams confidence before taking on the monumental task of tackling their main brand Duck Pond Cellars. Duck Pond’s is the second largest winery in Oregon USA and a rebranding for a winery of this scale, with a strong history is always a major undertaking. The branding and labels had long been neglected and had become dated from nearly 20 years of continued use. The previous labels had traditional botanical styled duck paintings and could loosely be categorised as ‘critter’ labels. It was clear that both the branding and labels needed rejuvenation. As a major brand, a degree of iconic-ism was important, so the logo needed to be strong and memorable, whilst maintaining a humble and authentic impression. The logo also needed to indicate a degree of optimism, forward thinking and ambition, which the family clearly have. By abstracting the duck and giving it a sense of movement, the needs to be iconic and forward thinking, whilst still being authentic and approachable were met. The labels themselves needed to remain relatively classical, with a degree of tradition, as not to alienate existing clientele and it was decided that the labels should utilise the logo as the champion of the label. Overall, the labels are quite minimalistic and the attention to detail, such as the cream, textured paper-stock and foils became important in elevating the perceived quality. The logo whilst seemingly modern, enjoys a timeless quality and creates a sense of familiarity through the instantly recognisable duck form. The brand celebrated their roots but also looked to the future whilst appreciating the present and all they had achieved. We coined their slogan ‘Savour this moment’ which like all good slogans, references the wine but can be interpreted with much larger connotations. This wine is to be enjoyed with family and friends, in times of celebration, so put your feet up, stop for a moment, indulge yourself and enjoy the moment.