Champagne labels and Sparkling Wine Labels tend to be the most prestigious of all wine varieties. Champagne has a long history, being the wine of choice of royalty and nobility, stretching back to the 18th century and this prestige remains today. Whilst certainly more mainstream today, with innovation and quality control making Champagne’s far more affordable they remain the wine of choice for special occasions and celebrations. This perception as a luxury brand translates to every detail needing to be more scrupulously pained over conveying quality with every detail. Quality Paper-stocks, embellishments and foils are all widespread in sparkling wines. From a design perspective they typically converge in 3 different directions, the first two premium, one traditional and the other modern minimalist, while the third direction, a more recent development is more casual, fun label designs, targeting young women, often utilising shrink sleeve technology to achieve a complete and vibrant artwork.