Australia is fortunate to be home to many of the world’s best label printers who consistently take gold’s and best in Shows at World label awards such as TLMI. This combined with some of the world’s best label designers ensures a strong recipe for success.
Over the last 6 years we have specialized in wine label designs and have worked with many of the wine label printers in Australia. Following is a brief introduction, in no particular order.



Collotype was an Australian printing company, which recently merged with the global Multi-Color company, with much of the Australian team taking senior roles around the world, testament to Australia’s strong reputation as good printers. We’ve worked with Multi-color on a number of projects such as the Brown Brothers Rose and Flor Marche Red, which came 2nd place in the TLMI 2015 awards (International Digital Printing Category). I’ve always found Multi-Color very friendly, appreciative of design, eager to push the boundaries, be innovative and take on a challenge. Multi-Color also has a label of the week showcase, where they organize a photoshoot and promote the label, which for a designer and wine brand is some great extra traction.


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Label house has a very strong history, dating back to 1924, but this is not to say that their interest in innovation has in any way dampened. The team is led by Ben; a fairly young General Manager who is always keen to push the boundaries and is often showing me the latest developments within the industry. Label House and Multi-Color appear to be rivals which drives them both forward and they take the TLMI award ceremonies pretty seriously as a marker of their progress. We’ve worked with Label House for two of our labels – Brown Brothers Tempranillo and more recently Brown Brothers Mystique labels.

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James Print is a family owned and run business based in Mildura, with a strong presence in the Barossa Valley. Perhaps smaller then Multi-color and Label house, they bat above their size with one of our labels – the La la land Pinot Gris recently winning Gold and Best in Show at the FPLMA awards. This award came as a great surprise to me as it wasn’t my favourite design we’ve done but James Print really did an amazing job with the paperstock and embellishments, which really elevated it to the next level. We’ve collaborated quite a lot together having worked on all of the Lalalaland labels, Deakin Estate and L’enologa labels. I always appreciate working with a family business because you know that the quality will be good and done at a competitive price.


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Graphix Labels are based in Burwood, Victoria and have a team of around 52. I did a tour of their operation a couple of years ago and it’s quite a large setup. Neil Fisher, who I’ve worked with is a really friendly, good people person. We worked together for the Woolshed Labels, where we got some really strong results. I haven’t worked with Graphix Labels as much as the above three, although I know they often print some of the more premium labels for one of my clients and have a few innovative products that I’ve been impressed with.


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Label World was the first Wine Label Printer we worked with, based in W.A for Express Winemakers. We completed at least 30 labels together for Express Winemakers and Nathan Box was always extremely enthusiastic about design, as well as pushing the boundaries. Label World changed its name to Label Makers in 2014, presumably due to a merger. I haven’t done much work with them since but being a larger company often has its advantages with more technologically advanced machines and a capacity to print higher quantities faster. They now have locations in Vic, W.A, NSW and NZ.





Cutler specialize in Screen-Printed wine bottles, but also offer Shrink wrapped labels, clear labels through to more conventional printed labels. There aren’t many printers who offer screen-printed bottles in Australia, so Cutler is likely to be the obvious choice in this realm.



Guala Closures are Specialists in Wine Capsules with locations all over the world. They have a major setup in Melbourne Australia, which I visited when working on the Woolshed Design. Screw Capsules were first proposed by Peter Wall, of Yalumba in the 1970s and have since swept the world. Guala has all of the technology you would want or need to create some truly unique capsules.

Whilst I haven’t visited Amcor, they do also offer Wine Capsules although have a much broader focus then Guala.



As far as I know Visy have been responsible for printing all of our Australian Shipper Carton Designs including Lalaland, Deakin Estate and Brown Brothers. I therefore assume that they’re probably the biggest Shipper Carton printers in Australia. They offer a diverse range of qualities and price-points from entry level cartons with minimal colours, through to gloss finished CMYK printing, even through to quality embellishments.


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Printers often offer their own design services and whilst this can be of some convenience it may not always result in the best design outcomes. More often the best labels are born from a designer who specializes in Wine Labels, who is well versed with printing capabilities, who collaborates closely with an innovative Wine Label Printer. This collaboration between printer and designer is important as the printer will often be aware of cutting edge breakthroughs, while the designer can make it a reality. At Beetle Creative we tend to determine the printing specifications, but always work closely with the printers as they often know which stocks and embellishments will help get the most out of the design. Depending on the ambition of the design and how far we’re pushing the boundaries will generally determine how early we begin collaborating with a printer. If we’re proposing a totally new idea we’ll often contact printers to see whether it is even possible, whereas for more conventional labels, consultation can afford to come much later, closer to the print date. Printing in Australia tends to be of a high standard so it is often worth getting multiple quotes from different printers or try to have your preferred printer price-match.
For those looking for a Wine Label Printer and all of the collateral requirements I hope this post has been helpful. If you also need assistance with design, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be happy to give more advice and recommendations on which printer might be best for your project.


Josh O’Meara
Beetle Creative Director