We were extremely excited to have the opportunity to create a wine label for Concept brand - Flight, Oregon, USA. Flight provided enormous inspiration and we were thrilled when the client chose our preferred concept - the study of flight to be a screen printed wine bottle design - making a 360 degree artwork. It was not enough for us to simply create an aesthetic tribute to flight, our inquisitive nature drove us on a search to better understand flight. Our first stop was a visit to a Melbourne Taxidermy who had informed us that they had an impressive Eagle. We were keen to study the Eagles wings to better understand the form, feathers, textures and to gain a better appreciation for flight. The sketches made at the Taxidermist became the foundations for the screen printed Wine Bottle Design.

Wine Bottle Designs - Flight


Study of Flight

 Golden Eagle Wine Study Drawing


Flight being a major study, we realised from the outset that we needed to utilise the entirety of the wine bottle to convey all of the information and discoveries were were making. In the end there were still a number of aspects and illustrations we completed that did not make the final cut, but this ruthless editing resulted in the best outcome in the end.


Golden Eagle Drawing


Not only did we study flight but we also looked at the study of flight through some of histories greats such as Aristotle and Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci, who obsessed over flight for much of his life created some terrific flying contraptions and was well before his time, both in creativity and understanding. Da Vinci fell short of a comprehensive understanding believing birds gained flight through paddling air. The Wright brothers made the final breakthrough by gaining an understanding that flight is achieved through pressure differences over and below the wing.

Best Wine Label Designs - Flight

Screen Printing Wine Bottle Designs allows for up to 6 colours on a given bottle and includes the possibility of metallic finishes such as gold, silver and bronze. Metallic finishes cost more as does having a design with multiple colours, typically the more colours – the more it will cost. For our design we decided to stick with one colour to keep the costs down, but also to maintain a simplicity and authenticity so the focus would be on the study of flight. For the design composition we laid the study out as a blueprint which was a perfect solution to make all of the separate components gel, but also to further enhanced the studying nature of the sketches.

Screen Printed Wine Bottle Designs accounts for less then 1% of wine bottles, so it is an instant point of difference and by allowing the bottle to become a 360 degree canvas it opens enormous opportunity for creativity to run wild. When printing in quantity the costs are only marginally more then traditional wine labels, but for the potential value adding it can usually be justified quite easily. Below is the finished result!

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