Beetle Creative Research and Explore different rendering and hatching techniques used in drawing. Beetle Creative create highly detailed illustrations and have a keen interest in Banknote illustrations and artwork and explore the various techniques used by different artists over the generations.

Banknote Artist Drawing Lessons

This was a study copying an etching by Charles Le Brun. In this artwork Charles Le Brun uses dozens of techniques to create varying degrees of shading and subtlety.



Above is an example of the dominant hatching technique used Charles Le Brun to create great subtlety in his shading. This hatching technique combines multi-facets such as cross-hatching, varying thickness in line-work and line-work that also runs from thick to thin. Dash rendering between the prominant lines creates an added degree of control and subtlety as well as softening the strong cross hatching.



Whilst not used in this exaggerated sense, another technique Charles Le Brun uses in his illustration is to create darker shades through tighter angled cross hatching. In this render I intended to show the impact that is created through the varying angles in cross hatching. From the tight angles to the left (dark) through to the more perpendicular angles which are more open creating and creating lighter shades.



Another simple shading technique is to simply place lines closer (darker) through to more spread out which creates lighter shades.


Hatching and Rendering Techniques

Another popular rendering technique is dot rendering. Dot rendering has been used to create some highly elaborate illustrations as it offers a great deal of control. This is a time consuming rendering technique but when used well can be effective in creating photo realistic renders.


Drawing Lessons

Another common rendering technique and exaggerated in this example is to start with thicker line-work and become finer to create lighter shades. In this example it is quite geometric but this hatching technique can be used to create curves and various 3D forms.


Graphic Shading Techniques

Similar to the above technique, the varying notches create and effective technique from dark through to light.

Graphic Shading Techniques


This shading technique is reminiscent of digital printing. Gradients are created simply by reducing the forms sizes while maintaining their grid layout. Any form could be used to create this effect and could be an effective way to create varying levels of interest in an artwork from the overall distant artwork to great levels of detail when viewed from close.

We will be continuing to add more rendering techniques so be sure to return to this space.


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