Despite being a New World Wine making nation, Australia has become a major innovator and is now the 6th largest wine producer in the world and a major Exporter. As part of the New World, Australia, in its early history imitated Europe, but as confidence grew, begun embracing the freedom that comes without historical baggage and have lead the world in wine marketing. Australian Wine Labels are often adventurous, fun, humorous, colourful, creative and original, helping to make wine more approachable, expanding markets and giving Australian wines a strong point of difference. Such is the success of Australian Wine Labels that many of the Old World are now adopting similar strategies. Australia is a large and diverse country, with a vast range of climates and soil types, making it ideally suited to winemaking. Australia is in parts a rugged country, with environments that have a brutal honesty, with unique flora and fauna, in Tasmania, cool and green, but it is also home to vibrant, creative, cosmopolitan cities. This diversity offers great inspiration and has influenced Australian people, culture, art and architecture. Australians value innovation and optimism in the future. This was opitimised by Brown Brothers – Mystique, a collaboration with CSIRO creating a new Australian Wine Variety. Below are some of our Australian Wine Labels: