Express Winemakers was a startup brand when they approached us to create their first ever wine labels. Express Winemakers is unique in that they don’t own their own Vineyards but rather search for parcels of fruit from the best regions of Western Australia. The owner and lead winemaker of Express is Ryan O’Meara who decided to create a new Wine Brand due to his dissatisfaction of the Australian Wine Industry. Ryan had worked for a number of years in Europe where he learnt time honoured practices for producing quality wine. He wanted to bring some of these practises to Australia and combine this with some of his own experimentations. One of the major goals Ryan had was to produce wines from a single vineyard and to express the local characteristics of the soil, climate and fruit – know as ‘Terrior.’ Terrior became the primary inspiration for the wine labels. We wanted to express a sense of place, the soil, the fruit and vines as well as the climate and surrounds. We were also keen to express Ryan’s experimental approach represented by the pipes, scientific equipment and bubbles.

Initially we were quite sceptical of the name ‘Express’ Winemakers. Our primary concern was because the common use of express in marketing terms refers to ‘fast, quick and cheap’ – essentially the opposite aspects of what Express Winemakers represents. We were therefore determined to convey the true aspects that needed to be represented. We decided to go for a relatively high end, highly detailed, quality craftsmanship look highlighting the thought and attention to detail that goes into producing the wine.

The labels were completely hand crafted from the intricate fine-line illustration base and the acrylic painted layer, which were combined and manipulated with photoshop to create truly unique outcomes. The illustration was composed in a circular format whereby the illustration was cut and mirrored. This allowed the illustration to be utilised for multiple labels creating a unique and distinctive wine label collection where the colours could change to create unique aspects for each label.


Winery/Brand - Express Winemakers