WOOLSHED WINES, Mildura, Victoria

Woolshed Wines is a proud Australian Wine Brand with a strong presence across Europe and recently expanding into Asian markets. The previous labels were dated and lacked vibrancy and the brand was in desperate need of a rejuvenation. Woolshed’s are iconic Australian structures across the Australian outback and we were eager to translate this into an iconic brand and labels. We were eager to create an artwork that represented Australia and the vast outback but also something that was contemporary and stylish. We created a dramatic desert landscape painting which became the centrepiece of this wine label and this with its rich texture was juxtaposed by the simple bold white form of the iconic Woolshed. The iconic Woolshed was given even greater prominence through embossing, a spot varnish and with it’s prominent central location. The Woolshed Wine Collection shares a single iconic composition with the red wines on a black background and the white wines with a white background. For the white wines the colouring of the painting has been adjusted to be slightly more orange to soften it slightly against the white backing.


Winery/Brand - Woolshed Wines